About Us

Health Metrics, Inc./ARA/Human Factors® (HMI) is a small business, founded in 1976 and currently incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware.

Service Lines

HMI provides consulting services related to human performance, applied human factors, worksite health and industrial injury risk management for business and government.  HMI's mission is to assist business entities and government agencies with recruiting, training and retaining a quality work force while reducing job-related injury and illness costs through effective risk management and work process controls.


HMI has over 30 years of experience in job-related human performance research, instruction, job-task analysis and employment test design/validation for governmental and commercial/industrial clients. The employee groups we serve include material handlers, production laborers, firefighters, law enforcement officers/deputies, and health care workers. Our experience is primarily related to the analysis and interpretation of job demand and physical work capacity matching.  HMI is dedicated to applying the scientific principles of human factors research to assess and improve work efficiency and ergonomic abatement.

Operational Approach

HMI operates on the principle that everyone’s performance capabilities can be enhanced. The key to improving performance and efficiency is the accurate identification of job demands, the physical capacities of workers, environmental considerations, and other human factors that relate to job tasks and requirements. Once all tasks and requirements are identified, people can be matched to those requirements and training (skill and physical ability) developed. Sound job task performance evaluations must be based on scientific principles, which are then applied using a systematic approach.

HMI applies this approach to all of its work and has demonstrated its efficacy. HMI’s techniques for assessing work requirements, developing standards, integrating them into the work environment, and instructing management and the workforce in the application of human factors and ergonomic principles specific to their needs can be tailored to groups or individuals. HMI's assessment and development programs have proven to be extremely cost effective. They may be applied to groups with common skills and physical tasks (wage grade employees, firefighters, law enforcement and security personnel) or to individuals under medical supervision.

We have trained and certified more than 2,000 firefighters, law enforcement officers/deputies, and commercial fitness specialists at Fitness Coordinator Workshops conducted throughout the US and Canada. Attendees learn to design and manage organization-level fitness programs, including how to perform health risk appraisals, conduct fitness assessments, and design individualized fitness programs based on individual and the organization needs and goals. Register for a class today!

Our clients include virtually every federal agency, numerous state and local governments and business entities ranging from the US Marshals Service, the US Capitol Police, and the US Secret Service to the New York City Police Department, Union Pacific Railroad, Marriott International, to the Hampton, VA, Fort Worth, TX, and Park City, UT, Fire Departments (see client list).  HMI's efforts are widely recognized and respected throughout the scientific community where our research studies have been published in highly regarded professional journals and presented at numerous meetings of scientific societies.

Corporate Facilities

HMI possesses myriad scientific equipment (analyzers, gauges, scales, computers, etc.) necessary for human factor research and has access to any other necessary items of equipment.

The corporate headquarters is located at:
6929 N. Hayden Rd, Ste C4-600
Scottsdale, AZ   85250
Phone (801) 566-1899 
Fax (801) 880-1160

email: healthmetrics@aol.com


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