Fitness and Wellness Coordinator Training

The HealthFit® system is a comprehensive array of fitness assessment protocols, exercise prescription techniques and follow-up strategies that will assist and guide the Fitness Professional to improve the physical fitness of clients or organizations.

HealthFit® contains the tools necessary for the Fitness Coordinator to assess easily and quickly a client's current fitness and then prescribe training to enable the client improve to a desired level or goal.

Included in the HealthFit® system are:

  • Assessment protocols
  • Proprietary scoring system that quantifies overall fitness
  • Easy-to-use, inexpensive assessment equipment
  • Instructional manual that covers all aspects of fitness and fitness testing
  • Numerous assessment protocols allowing testing of all ranges of fitness
  • Proprietary exercise prescription guidelines
  • Effective awards system to recognize achievement and excellence

HMI’s Certified Fitness Coordinator (CFC) training is presented across the country in a workshop format that combines classroom and practical exercise experiences. In the 18 years that HMI has been presented the training program, it has trained and certified over 1,800 CFC's.

The CFC Workshop is a five-day (35-hour) course designed to train in-house managers to develop and administer a law enforcement related wellness and physical fitness program. The workshop is also available in an agency specific contract format. Such an application is recommended if an agency is planning to train fifteen or more employees at the same time. Using this format, the curriculum is expanded or modified to the specific needs of the contracting agency. We developed and delivered this course for the Fort Worth, TX, Fire and Police Departments, Hampton, VA, Fire Rescue, Salt Lake City Fire and Police Departments, El Paso, TX, Fire Department, Oklahoma City, OK, Fire Department, Akron, OH, Fire and Police Departments, Chesapeake, VA, Fire Department, Butler Township, OH, Fire Department, the Secret Service, the FBI, US Capitol Police, US Diplomatic Security Service, as well as state and municipal law enforcement agencies nationwide. Course participants learn how to:

  • Perform Health Risk Appraisals
  • Develop and Coordinate Fitness Policy
  • Conduct Fitness Assessments, including...
    • Aerobic Capacity
    • Body Composition
    • Muscular Fitness
    • Flexibility
    • Criterion Task Test/Job-Related Test
  • Assist in Weight Control Strategies
  • Design Strength Training Programs
  • Reduce or Prevent Injuries
  • Prescribe Individual Exercise Routines
  • Develop and Sustain Physical Fitness Programs

Each participant receives a 400-page Fitness Coordinator’s Manual as part of the course. This comprehensive manual, in its 16th edition, is a “cook book” of information, charts, and tables designed to provide law enforcement fitness coordinators with everything they need.

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