Industrial Injury-Risk Reduction & Management

Rehabilitation WOrkHealth Metrics, Inc., Human Performance Services Programs (HPS) support illness/injury prevention initiatives. HPS assists employers by accelerating employees’ return to work after a job-impacting illness/injury, while reducing the likelihood of reoccurrence. Applying HMI's "integrated systems approach," the HPS program provides these services by:

  1. Conducting assessments of job demands, worker capabilities, and options for remediation in the presence of a mismatch.
  2. Providing assessments and therapeutic interventions central to the remediation of sub-acute, job-impacting, or job-caused illness/injury.
  3. Facilitating the early return to work process such that recuperation time from job impacting limitations is reduced.

In addition, HPS:

  1. Provides objective and valid data to support medical provider's decisions regarding work restrictions, return to work (RTW) or fitness for duty (FFD) clearance and denial.
  2. Assesses employee health or job injury risk through the provision of job specific, medically sound, and practical functional capacity evaluations.
  3. Provides analysis of job demands. This service determines load factors that must be considered in the FFD/RTW process and assists with the interpretation of an employee's job task analysis.
  4. Satisfies legal and expert guidance drivers of functional assessment and reconditioning programs such as:
    10 CFR, 29 CFR, NFPA 1500, NFPA 1582, Americans with Disabilities Act, 
    Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Civil Rights Act, and 
    the Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures.
  5. Develops Work Conditioning Programs (WCP) and related services for employees who have become de-conditioned or are recovering from illness/injury. The WCP’s purpose is to restore workplace functionality to ensure that an employee’s can perform all essential job requirements without undue risk of illness/injury or recurrence.
  6. To assist employers with their efforts to reduce industrial injury-risk and manage their loss experience more effectively, HMI has developed a comprehensive approach to risk and cost reductions through an "integrated systems approach."


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