NOTE:  Health Metrics has suspended the sale of FitScan 3.   FitScan 3 is a state-of-the-art fitness assessment and prescription program, that is user-friendly, easy to learn and versatile in capabilities.  NOTE that currently, FitScan 3 only runs on Windows XP although it can and does run on Virtual XP platforms on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible verisons of FitScan 3 are under development.

Designed for the fitness professional, FitScan 3 is fully capable for calculating and processing results from fitness testing and for generating individualized aerobic exercise and strength training prescriptions. The program incorporates measures of:

•      Aerobic Fitness

•      CAD Risk Profile

•      Body Composition

•      Flexibility

•      Muscular Fitness

•      Pulmonary Function

These parameters are displayed in easy to interpret graphics or in a printed report format and serve as the basis for customized, individually tailored exercise regimens. Exercise programs that can be generated by FitScan 3 include:

  • Walking
  • Running programs tailored to each individual’s ability and fitness level
  • Stationary cycle
  • Lap swimming
  • Weight training programs incorporating up to 30 resistive exercises

FitScan 3 has features that you will not find in other fitness software.  Features like on-screen help, multi-field query capability, fitness assessment score comparisons, fitness report generation and data file import/exportFitScan 3 uses Health Metrics’ proprietary HealthFit scoring system that quantifies fitness levels using a scale of 1 to 100, permitting a quick and easy assessment of an individual’s overall fitness level.  Individualized fitness reports can be generated and printed in one of three formats - a general organization-level report reflecting overall and average fitness parameters, an individual general fitness report or an individual training program report delineating a specific aerobic or weight training prescription based on that individual's test data.


Exercise Expert creates personalized and individualized exercise programs (with detailed illustrations including line art and photographs) in minutes, eliminating the hassles of cutting, pasting or handwriting. It is, quite simply, the easiest and fastest system on the market. The system can be used in areas ranging from rehabilitation to high level athletics.

Additionally, there are 19 supplemental expansion modules that you can purchase to make Exercise Expert meet your specific needs. The modules include:
* Advanced Features Module
* Stretch Module
* Exercise Ball Module
* Stabilization Module
* Stabilization 2 Module
* Yoga Module
* Pilates Module
* Power/agility Module
* Upper Body Elastic Module
* Lower Body Elastic Module
* Aquatics Module
* Upper Body Active Module
* Lower Body Active Module
* Functional Leg Module
* Functional Reach Module

* Power/agility 2 Module
* Golf Module
* Total Gym Module
* Spanish/French Module

The Modules are $44.95 each.

Exercise Expert features:

* Chose from over 1500 unique exercises
* Creates professional illustrations for each exercise
* Bullet point instructions for each exercise
* Very intuitive. Easy to learn and use
* Choose either English or Spanish language instructions
* Can be personalized with client name and facility logo
* Search area allows for fast locating of exercises and protocols
* Allows editing of text, pictures and exercise parameters
* Contains a "Global Default" feature that designates preferred sets, reps and frequency for each exercise
* You can add your own exercises
* Contains exercises in areas such as aquatics, ball stabilization, vestibular balance, and geriatrics



Ergo Pro is "Stretch Reminder" software that automatically informs the computer user when to take exercise and stretch breaks. Ergo Pro helps to relieve and reduce the risk of repetitive stress problems, eye-strain, headaches, shoulder muscle tension, neck pain, and back pain. It is great for people who use the computer for long periods in their work in endeavors such as data entry, web browsing, reading, and design work.

Ergo Pro provides:

* Visual depiction of exercises
* Instructions on correct execution of the exercise
* Repetition information
* Exercises for the wrists, back, neck and shoulders
* Ergonomic tips

Ergo Pro Features:

* Choose the time spent on each exercise
* Break time reminders based on time and/or keystrokes
* Display Options when it is time for a break
* Option to interrupt session
* Non-intrusive flashing reminder
* Audible or visual alert
* Choose your own sound
* Select 1 to 4 areas (neck, back, shoulders, wrists)
* Choose from 4 to 17 exercises per session


NOTE:  Sales Suspended.    FitScan 3 - See Full Description above


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